Reasons why it’s not worth bothering with a Will!

1) You want your loved ones to understand the value of Money?
You have worked for your money and never had any handouts, so why should you make it easy for your loved ones after you’ve gone? Why would you want to reduce the amount of inheritance tax payable after you die by having a will? Why make it easy for them, when it never was for you? Your loved ones receiving less and paying a larger Inheritance Tax bill is sure to teach them about the value of money. That’s a lesson they need to learn.

2) The English law system is always correct.
You’ve never complained about the law being unfair? Why would you as the legal system in this country is totally fit for purpose, so why would you even need to write a will? The laws of intestacy will ensure everything goes to the rightful people, even if that means your ex getting everything (because you never got round to divorcing) or your estranged family who you haven’t spoken to for 20 years may get their hands on your hard earned cash and your faithful partner who you love more than life itself could end up getting nothing!…but that’s the way the legal system works so it must be right?

3) A bit of stress never hurt anyone.
If you die intestate (without a will) your nearest and dearest will find that there is a lot more paperwork to be done, more endless searching for family members to prove the family tree is correct and then worrying about how share things out and guessing what you would have wanted? It’s hard enough to lose a loved one but to then have to go through a more difficult complex probate process can really help increase their stress levels. But in the long run it should help the family pull together and teach them resilience and toughen them up. I’m sure they will all appreciate that!?

4) Social Services will make sure my kids are looked after.
You don’t need to bother appointing a Guardian in your Will for any children you have under the age of 18 because the Courts and Social Services will work out what’s in the best interests for your children – they are the experts and that’s what they do? They may look at things a little differently to what you would have wanted but I’m sure after a few months of court room dramas they will decide where your children will stay. Who knows your children and your family circumstances better than the Social Services, hey?

5) The Government are short of money, lets help them out.
If you die intestate (No Will) with no relatives, all your assets could end up passing to the State. Why would you want to help a charity or a close friend when you can pass all your wealth to the government.