I have recently been having discussions with clients about who to appoint as Guardian for their children.Ensuring you have Guardianship within your will to name who you would like to look after your children if you pass away is one of the most important things Parents can do for their young children. By naming people you trust to look after your children if you die, you are making a decision based on what is important to you and your children and not leaving the decision to the courts and Social Services.

Social Services and the courts will lean more to the financial factoring in deciding guardianship, where and who your children will live with. Obviously Financial considerations are important but their decision, based on these factors, may have been different from your own decision which could be based more on the type of personality and a families beliefs. It also means the decision could take several months and this could mean your children may go into temporary care whilst relatives apply for custody through the legal system.

You can also make decisions on who you would like to look after any assets until your children reach an age that you feel is appropriate for them to start managing their own finances and can also make provision financially to any guardians for the support you feel your children will need until this time. This means your decision can be based on who you feel will be the best suited to raising your children as per your morals and culture and not just the person who is most financially secure.

Remember, you should review your will in line with changes in your situation and we can provide storage which will include simple updates as and when required.

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