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Where Should I Store My Will?


Once you have thought about what you want to do with your possessions, and who you would like to leave them to, what should you then do with your completed will? If your Will cannot be found by those closest to you, you may as well not have written one!  Your possessions will be passed … Read more

Ensuring A Will Is Valid

Last Will and Testament

By having a Will you are planning what happens to your possessions when you pass away, and ensuring that all you leave behind those where you wish. However, if your Will has been done incorrectly and does not meet legal requirements, it could fail and everything you leave behind may end up somewhere you did … Read more

Lasting Power of Attorney for businesses

Business Lasting Power of Attorney

There has been much focus on Lasting Power of Attorney’s (LPAs) recently, especially as they are important for those who have lost capacity and require people they trust to manage their affairs. There has been less talk about LPAs for businesses which can provide protection for a business owner, providing a safety net should something … Read more

What Happens To My Children If I Die?


Although not a pleasant thought, when planning for the future, it is not just the financials that need to be discussed. If you have children, what happens to them if the worst should happen? Our Norfolk Will Writing team of experts can help guide you to consider what should happen after your death, such as … Read more

Benefits Of Leaving A Charity Legacy


Many people like to leave a gift to charity in their Will by way of a legacy which not only benefits the charity but also has tax benefits for the donor. When an estate is valued at greater at £325,000 or more it becomes liable for Inheritance Tax, which is charged at 40%. By leaving … Read more

When is a Will invalid?


There are many traps that people can fall into that could potentially make their Will invalid. Without employing a professional to help construct your Will, you run the risk of making these mistakes. An invalid Will could potentially cause chaos for your loved ones at a time when they really don’t need the additional upset, … Read more

Can a Will be changed after death?


The short answer is YES: if all beneficiaries are in agreement, it is possible to amend an Estate Plan (or the standard division of assets, if your loved one died intestate) within two years of death. Sometimes families can be surprised by the contents of a loved one’s Will – and the surprise is not … Read more

Sideways Dis-inheritance


Sideways dis-inheritance is the phrase used to describe when children, often unintentionally, end up losing out on their share of their parents estate due to remarriage. If you pass away, and either have no will or a standard mirror will, your property generally passes straight to your spouse, so they now own all the assets. Should the … Read more