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Lasting Power of Attorney

If you lose capacity, who would you want to make decisions on your behalf?

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Powers of Attorney

Should i set up Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA’s) now? I feel fine and have no medical issues.

Its not just in old age when you may need powers of attorney in place. Accident, Stroke, Cancer and many more medical conditions, could mean that you lose capacity to make your own decisions and therefore financial accounts and the right for your family to make choices on your behalf could be frozen.

Powers of Attorney must be set up whilst the donor still has capacity. It will be too late if capacity is already lost and then your loved ones will have to apply for a deputyship (which can take nine months and cost thousands of pounds)

There are 2 types of Power of Attorney:

Health (Medical) Power of Attorney & Property & Financial Power of Attorney.

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Why do I need Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs)?

If you lose capacity, protections are put in place to ensure that you cannot be taken advantage of. Financial Institutions will freeze accounts and medical and care practitioners will not discuss your care. This can cause your loved ones extra stress and upset at an already traumatic time.

Powers of attorney vs deputyship

Choose trusted family or friends now, who will look after your best interests and reduce the burden on them, at what will be an already upsetting and stressful time.

Let us help guide you through the process of setting up Powers of Attorney, allowing your loved ones to access your finances and speak with health professionals if you become incapacitated or ill. Without Lasting Powers of Attorney in place your loved ones will have to go through a complex and protracted process (up to 9 months) with the court of protection, costing thousands of pounds, which could make things very difficult for a spouse, partner or children.

Setting up a Financial Power of Attorney or a Health and Welfare Power of Attorney allows someone that you trust to act on your behalf should the need arise and would ensure that your loved ones can continue to look after you and your finances. Your chosen person (attorney) can then manage your affairs in your best interests. This could be in the long term or until such time that you are able to take up the reins again yourself.

There are two types of Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA), both of which The WillMaker can help you with:

A Property and Affairs LPA

Powers of Attorney

This allows your nominated person to: Manage your finances and property

Make sure your bills are paid

Make decisions about your assets, financial investments, property and bank accounts.

A Health and Welfare LPA

Lasting Powers of Attorney

This allows your nominated person to: Make decisions about your medical treatment

Decide whether it’s best for you to continue to live at home or if residential care would be more appropriate.

Speak with care providers and medical practitioners and make end of life decisions

If you haven’t set up your Financial Power of Attorney or Health and Welfare Power of Attorney, your loved ones may have to pay out a lot of money on your behalf. The Court of Protection would have to appoint a deputy to manage your affairs, which is both time-consuming and costly.

A Lasting Power of Attorney will avoid the distress of a delay and also preserve your assets to pay for the care you may need in the future.

With The Will Maker, setting up a Power of Attorney is a straightforward process. Simply call us on 01603 927273 and we can give you more details or leave your details by clicking the button below.



I can certainly recommend this company. Jamie was so efficient and made the whole process uncomplicated. I had thought that it was going to be more difficult for me, but this was not so. I was involved very little after the initial meeting, and everything has gone through with no trouble. I am very relieved to have completed this process.

Diane C

Great service

Absolutely brilliant. Not only did I get professional, and really helpful advice, but turned out, the Willmaker I used was related to a friend. Astounding. So we went from being just a client, to being a friend. Regardless of that, a great service

Michael C

Absolutely brilliant

Absolutely brilliant. Not only did I get professional, and really helpful advice, but turned out, the Willmaker I used was related to a friend. Astounding. So we went from being just a client, to being a friend. Regardless of that, a great service.

Many Thanks

Would Totally Recommend

Jamie came to our house to help us create our wills, he made it very simple & easy to understand, I guess writing your will can be an anxious thing to do, but we were put completely at ease with Jamie’s help & advice. Would totally recommend The WillMaker Group.


Highly recommended

Jamie was so helpful and knowledgeable for Will and Power of Attorney. Highly recommended.


Very Professional

After having a new baby Jamie was able to advise the best wills for our family. He was very professional and the wills were prepared quickly and we are really happy with the quality.

Hanna & Kevin


Jamie the Will Maker went out of his way to visit my father in Hospital so he could change his will. (A will writing solicitor wouldn’t). We didn’t realise that at the time that my father was going to pass away but unfortunately 3 weeks later he did. It was absolutely no trouble for Jamie and he advised my father on everything and put no pressure on him to do things he maybe didn’t want to do. I can’t thank him enough for his professionalism, lovely manner and expert advice. I would definitely recommend him for your will needs.


Very Friendly

We were recommended the Will Maker Group by a friend. Excellent service very friendly and helpful. Booked an evening appointment as both me and my wife work days.

Thank You

Very polite and helpful.

Really put me at ease as was changing my will since my husband passed away was very helpful and explained it all so I could understand it all would recommend you to any one.


Helpful Courteous and Diligent

Jamie and the company he serves have been helpful courteous and diligent at all times and has put himself to considerable efforts on our behalf. We would not hesitate to recommend him to future clients for the same services that were executed for us

Marian & Allen

Excellent advice and service

Great service from The Will Maker Group. Can’t fault the advice received and attention to detail. Jamie Walker made us consider things we would never have thought of and ensured our family would be protected if the inevitable was to happen.


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