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The WillMaker Group are pleased to offer our Simple Online Will Writing Service.

Single Will - £125.00
Mirror Wills - £175.00

If your needs are simple, ie single, married or cohabiting with children between you and you would like to be able to name guardians and trustees to take care of your children if you both passed away then we have introduced our new quick and Simple Will Questionnaire.

5 Simple Steps to making a will

  1. Please fill in all your details below:
  2. We will check your online Will information
  3. Professionally draft your online Will
  4. Will drafts are emailed to you for final checking
  5. Completed Will documents are emailed for you to print out, sign and have witnessed

“Simple Will” Form

Simple Will Questionnaire

Client 1

Client 2

Children Living at Home

Older Children with different address:

3rd Level (Emergency Clause) Beneficiaries:

Who would you like as Guardians for your children if anything happened to you both?

Reserve Guardians if the above cannot fulfil their duties:

Trustees? Who would you like to look after any assets left to your children?
Can be same as executors and guardians.

Who would you like as your Executors? Can be same as Trustess and guardians.

Do you have any Pre-Paid Funeral Plans?

What Pensions do you have?

What Life Insurance do you have in place?

ID: Passport or Driving License Number and Expiry Date plus bill or bank statement dated in last
3 months or council tax bill for current year (please take note of type of bill or bank statement and date on bill and fill in below)

Please click the submit button to complete the form and we will be in contact with you with 3 days to confirm receipt and proceed with your Will